Free Sipping. Use code “SEA15” for 15% off on your first order Rs. 699
Free Sipping. Use code “SEA15” for 15% off on your first order. COD on order above Rs. 699

Be proud of taking a step towards saving the sea.

Contribute towards reducing our carbon footprint by adopting a sustainable lifestyle

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Bamboo Tooth Brush

Bamboo belongs to the grass family of Poaceae and is considered the fastest-growing woody plant on earth. India is very fortunate to be blessed with good bamboo resources. The northeastern states are the major bamboo producing states in the country. Bamboo Tulda is the fastest-growing species.

Note: Bamboo is a grass not a tree
One Bamboo Toothbrush = 3KG of Plastic Waste Saved
Charcoal Infused
Anti Bacterial
Soft Bristles

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How you can contribute

by buying ecofriendly Toothbrush?

You can protect our ocean by reducing the usage of onetime plastics and protect our sea and its reef so that your grand children could go for a scuba diving and enjoy the reefs just like us.
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Created for the better world

8 reasons to switch to Bamboo Toothbrush

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Save the sea
You save min 300 Plastic toothbrushes of your life from getting into ocean and Landfill
Fair Trade
You contribute to the Underdeveloped Bamboo plantation Industry in India
Reduced plastic use
Every time you buy a Bamboo toothbrush with an eco-friendly package, you save the production of plastic packaging for the same.
Marine Life
You save sea habitat and marine species
Guilt Free
Zero guilt on spoiling the environment, because these bamboo tooth brushes are 100% bio degradabel
oral hygiene
You maintain oral hygiene by avoiding Plastic toothbrush having toxic chemical and bacteria
Save your smile

A bright smile with charcoal infused soft bristles

Clean Environment
Clean city and beaches
Clean AIR
Fresh air as you do not burn any plastic

Facts that you must know

about your tooth brush

Most of us will replace around
toothbrushes during our lifetime
Every year in America
billion toothbrushes are used According to National Geographic
More than
billion pounds of plastic flow into the ocean every year.
More than
Tonnes of plastic waste is generated every day in India Alone -

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How to take care of your

Bamboo Toothbrush?

  • Rinse your toothbrush after use thoroughly
  • Dry your brush
  • Store in an open-air toothbrush holder
  • Replace your brush every 4-6 weeks
  • Reuse or composite handle

Dry your brush completely

Store in open holder

Clean your brush

Composite handle

Bamboo Cotton Buds

Bamboo Cotton Buds

Bamboo Cotton Ear swabs are eco-friendly. We made sure that our packaging is also biodegradable.

The problem with plastic cotton buds is they are harmful to our ocean and marine animals. Researchers have found fragments of cotton swab with plastic stick in seabirds and whole sticks in turtles. Like other plastics, once ingested the fragments may remain trapped in the digestive tract or cause damage. Plastic cotton buds are often listed in the top 5-10 marine debris items most commonly found on the beach throughout the world.

We can contribute towards reducing our carbon footprint by adopting a sustainable lifestyle. Bamboo is a grass and not tree hence it is completely eco-friendly

Note: Bamboo is a grass not a tree

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